Split Apple (2009)

Schist, slate, steel, copper and concrete
2.4 x 2 x 3m approx

When he came upon a hundred year old apple tree that is still bearing fruit, the artist imagined an apple falling from that tree and splitting into perfect halves. Split Apple is the moment of the split. It is the action frozen.

Consisting of some 3,000 pieces of stone and recycled slate, the sculpture weighs over 10 tonne. Split Apple was commissioned by a private collector for his Arrowtown property and is purposefully constructed using local materials; the schist sourced from the local quarry.

The work sits beautifully in the majestic landscape of the Wakatipu Basin, whatever the season. Woolridge enjoys the fact that it is changing as it weathers; the irons leaching from the stone and discolouring it like a bruise.